"Are You Overlooking the One Hidden Key that Would Skyrocket Your Business During this Recession?"




 Their Business Was Going Under


Several years ago, a landscaping company that was in a vicious cash flow cycle decided to implement The Total Integration Solution. Profits were down and things were getting really tight. Their working season was from April through October - the warm months. Once the snow came, they were basically out of commission.

So to make it through the winter, they would take out a line of credit to survive with minimal staff until the spring. Then they’d spend April and May rehiring and retraining. It took until August just to pay back the line of credit. Then it was nail-biting time in September and October as they desperately tried to squeeze out some profit. But it wasn’t working.

The Missing Piece

Rather than let the slow death take its course, they reached out for help. As a first step, they were asked the same crucial question that we ask all clients:

“What is your true asset?” 

Their first answers were what you’d expect:

  • “We cut grass and weedeat and we do a great job of it.”
  • “We are professional.”
  • “We make people’s property look great.”

NO! They seemed shocked by the assessment that these were not their true asset. But after some work, their true asset became clear.

What was it?

People trusted them with their property.

Their true asset was trust.

The Critical Next Step that Tripled Their Business!

We had what we needed to work with. But now it was time for the heavy lifting. The next questions they had to answer were:

“What can we do with that asset?”

“How can we utilize that capital and make something spectacular from it?”

The result of those strategic questions and some intense conversation was stunning. More importantly, it tripled their business.

What was it? Outdoor Christmas decorations.

What?! You see their clients owned properties with an average value exceeding $1 million. And they very much valued a manicured appearance of their property. But in the winter, with the snow, what could be done? Well starting from the place of our true asset - in this case trust regarding the property - it became clear that we had a perfect way to solve a problem.

Where Is Your Value?

The problem was that putting up Christmas lights - something they wanted - required the homeowners to go through all sorts of difficulties that the company could eliminate. Untangling the strands of lights, replacing broken bulbs, not slipping off ladders, making the spouse happy, setting timers, not getting frostbitten or electrocuted, and on and on. These problems needed to be solved and the company could do it all.


Because they knew:

  • what their true asset was
  • how to reinvent it, and
  • how to convert it into value.

Perhaps you are imagining what type of real courage this took. After all, is change ever easy?

But when you’re facing a slow death… carrying on as usual is simply not an acceptable option.

So the company bought the lights, the timers, the snowmen, the nativity scenes, the reindeer, the sleds, the gingerbread people… the whole works. They set it all up, electrical, timers, everything… and it looked great. It caught on like wild fire! Every one of the neighbors wanted a set up too, but bigger!

The result is actually predictable… IF you’re talking about a company that understands its true value:

They made more money from Nov 26 through Jan 15 than they ever had from their “busy season.” No more line of credit. No more scraping by. No more hiring, firing, and rehiring.

Instead: Lots of thrilled, satisfied customers. A nice fat bottom line.

This is precisely what to expect when you get the right tools and the right alignment.

Are You Ready to Put This to Work In Your Business?

If you have courage, I can give you the guidance to reinvent yourself just like they did. They focused on value, not on despair. They focused on possibility and not on the past. What used to work had to give way to what was needed now. The found it and did it.

That’s what small business is all about.
Value. Strategy. Success.

Unfortunately, most business owners miss this critical element for a handful of reasons…

  • we’re too close to the situation
  • we’re mired in the details… and in the bad news
  • no one has ever shown us the strategic process of uncovering it
  • we tend to lack input from a trusted advisor

The good news is: you can discover your true asset, reinvent your business, and convert your true asset into significant value.

But What About the Economy?

If you’re like the business owners I’ve been working with from across the country and even from other countries, you’ve found that things are changing… radically and quickly. I’m not an alarmist, but the fact of the matter is that every market is changing. People are dealing - some for the first time ever - with shrinking markets, spiraling demand, and evaporating profit margins.

This is not the happy-go-lucky season of a few years ago when there was so much loose capital that businesses succeeded that never could have in any other environment. The global credit crisis, the volatility in the equity markets, and the failure of massive banking conglomerates have all profoundly impacted virtually every corner of our economy.

This is precisely why it’s more important than ever that you rededicate yourself to value. And you must do it right now. This is why I created the “Reinventing Your Business” course. Let me share with you why I think this could be the best thing you do for yourself and your business this year.

Is Your Business on Life Support?

A business is worthless if it doesn’t provide value. Period. Maybe your business provided value before but now all you have left is residual, slowing momentum. You’re trying to hold on to customers by making what you do cheaper and cheaper. We all know where that leads. If you’re waiting on the economy to pick up, read my lips: You’ll be waiting a long time.

You have to ask the strategic questions:

“What’s my true asset?”

“What can I provide that people truly need today?”

“How can I leverage my true asset and turn it into value?”

The root cause for today’s pressure is a failure to leverage our true assets to provide needed value.

Now is the time to crank up that entrepreneurial engine and start thinking about value creation - not schemes to keep the old thing on life support. The old way is dying and there is nothing anyone can do about that. Sorry. The reasons for this death are many, and we can’t go into them here. But you must realize that if we ignore the fundamental cause, we won’t make it. My “Reinventing Your Business” course will show you how to see that root issue and move your business into significant prosperity in the next 12 months… regardless of the economy.

It Starts With You

Yes it starts with YOU. A small or mid-sized business is really just a reflection of its owner. So if you are intent on reinventing your business - which you must do to survive - you’ll have to start with YOU.

Here’s Good News

Remember: there is never a lack of value. People always need things, services, etc. Always. You must focus on this and not the price of a currency or on politics, etc. Value is value and as long as there are people living on this planet there will be things they value. If a business serves itself - lives to perpetuate itself - it will certainly die. But if the purpose and function of a business is to continually discover and provide value, then it is impervious to almost everything and has no real competition.

Your business can be just like this. And I’ll show you how.


Solutions Forum 
If this is resonating with you, if you see yourself in that landscaping business wondering HOW you can make it this time...you need to find your true asset. Join us on Thursday, April 16th at 2pm CST. I've started something new called a Solutions Forum. We've done several entire sessions so far and apparently there's been some real value. See for yourself. 
Here's what people are saying: 

"I am stoked! I've always been a very proud man and felt that I had all the answers. I want to acknowledge a couple of areas that I appreciate about you already. First is your authenticity. Second is your wisdom and utilizing your gift of teaching to share that wisdom. Lastly is your courage and willingness to carve a new path in the face of traditional capitalistic thinking.

I look forward to being your student and fellow pioneer for embracing this new service/value driven model."


"Great webinar today.
I have registered for the class."

"I listened to every word. You did a fantastic job. What a privilege for me to hear your presentation. I am overwhelmed with the amount of research and work you have obviously dedicated yourself to learn and communicate."

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"I wanted to tell you the webinar you gave last week was phenomenal. I feel I've gotten bits and pieces of it throughout time but last week was truly educational. After hearing it first-hand I now realize everybody should be hearing it."


This is a great opportunity and now is the time. 
Here's how it works: 
It's a live conference call with online document viewing where we meet as a group of sincere learners to identify and unleash your True Assets.Yes you do have a true asset and I can help you find it.  
You simply dial into a conference call where you will be able to hear the class and ask questions live. 
You will also be able to go online and see (in real time) the notes, modules, and diagrams we use in each class. You can also ask questions through our chat feature if you prefer. 
All you have to do is register!
In this class we will discuss exactly how to make sure your 2009 is all it can be. We'll identify the pitfalls to look out for and the best ways to make this model work for you. 
I will personally facilitate this, so come ready to get your business rolling for 2009. I'm asking you to set aside 1 hr for this each Thursday. Isn't your future worth just one hour per week? We will meet for three consecutive Thursdays (April 16th, 23rd, & 30th).
The solutions we need are here. Let's find some on March 19th for you. 

Here's to your success!



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 Reinventing Your Business - How to Find Your True Asset

Knowing what your true asset is will allow you to offer something NO other business can compete with. Your customers, key relationships, and others you work with are all waiting for you to get into strategic alignment with your true asset. This module will be used to help you find it and get things rolling!
 Getting Inside Your Customer's Head - How to Understand the Best Way to Increase Your Top Line Revenue 
This text is used to provide a clear framework for building the necessary practices to harness the potential of your true asset. In this excellent text I will point out several key areas that you can put to work instantly and see significant results fast.
 Understanding the Purpose of Business - The Wealth Creation of Teaching People to Think and Act Strategically 
This may sound "airy-fairy" but the reality is that if you don't understand the purpose of something you will abuse it. This is happening, unfortunately, in most businesses. We've all inherited a monetary system that is built on the diefication of money as the means of measuring all value - crushing quality down to quantity - and thereby becoming the source of all security. This is a system that is failing and will soon be gone. If you don't want to go with it, you have to start seeing the true purpose of business. 
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 Audio and Video Recordings of All Sessions & Notes 

This class will be very detailed. So having the ability to go back and glean is critical to implementation. I will address specific questions and problems. Note taking probably won't be enough. Make sure your time is well spent and that you can take this information with you. 

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